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Italian Food

Caesar salmon pizza recipe

Caesar salmon pizza is a very tasty pizza based on a recipe from Italian cuisine; the cheese sauce that is included in the recipe for Caesar pizza with salmon gives this dish a special taste.

Salmon pizza recipe

Salmon pizza is one of the many pizza recipes, cooked according to the recipe of Italian cuisine, such pizza will be a great way to satisfy your hunger.

Sesame, parsley and sun-dried tomatoes grissini recipe

Grissini can be cooked not just in the form of breadsticks, but also by adding a filling of sesame seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and other herbs to the grissini recipe.

Pizza carbonara recipe

Pizza carbonara is a traditional recipe of Italian cuisine, the recipe for this pizza includes bacon, mozzarella, Parmesan, champignons and eggs, this pizza is easy to cook at home.

Grissini with basil and vanilla sauce recipe

Grissini with basil and vanilla sauce is a traditional Italian dish; these breadsticks are very tasty when dipped in freshly cooked vanilla sauce.

Sesame grissini recipe

The recipe for grissini with sesame breadsticks is very simple, like other grissini recipes, but, like all recipes of Italian cuisine, that does not prevent them from being very tasty.

Sausage, Prosciutto, Salami and Chicken Pizza Recipe

The recipe for pizza with dry-cured sausages, prosciutto, salami and smoked chicken according to the recipe of Italian cuisine is very easy to cook.

Culinary Traditions of Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the oldest and most developed European cuisines, Italian cuisine has had a greater influence on the development of other cuisines in Europe and around the world. The culinary traditions of Italian cuisine are widely known not only in Italy itself and neighboring countries, but also in the USA, Canada and many other countries. Although Haute French Cuisine is today the culinary standard, it was formed under the influence of, among other things, Italian cuisine. Recipes of Italian dishes are distinguished by both ease of preparation and sophistication of taste - Italian cuisine very well combines these qualities, which, it would seem, cannot be combined. One of the most important features of Italian cuisine is the apparent simplicity of cooking, undemanding to respect the proportions of recipe ingredients, and the always excellent taste of the resulting Italian dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Recipes and Dishes of Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine has given the world many recipes, without which it is impossible to imagine modern cooking. Italian pasta in all its diversity - lasagna, fettuccine, pappardelle - conquered the whole world, the world owes the appearance of ice cream to Italian cuisine, and the same United States of America is hard to imagine without Italian pizza, various recipes of which have spread to many countries of the world. Using for cooking recipes such products as pancetta and prosciutto, salami and parmesan, mozzarella and many others, Italian cuisine is rich, and they give traditional Italian dishes a unique flavor of national cuisine. This cuisine is rich in various baking recipes - ciabatta, grissini, focaccia, pizza and much more, recipes for sauces - bolognese, béchamel, pesto, and many others, all the advantages and features of Italian cuisine are difficult to enumerate.