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Cutlets and Meatballs

Meatballs in an omelet recipe

According to this recipe, meatballs are very tasty, and their serving - wrapped in an omelet and sprinkled with chopped herbs, gives this dish a very attractive look.

Cutlets and Meatballs Cooking

Cutlets and meatballs are cooked from minced meat with the addition of various ingredients; vegetables, spices and other additives that improve and change the taste of cutlets and meatballs can be included in the cutlet recipe. For the cooking of meatballs and meatballs, various types of domestic animal meat can be used - beef, veal, pork, lamb, as well as chicken, turkey and other types of poultry. Cutlets and meatballs can also be made from sea and river fish - there are many recipes for fish cakes and meatballs from different types of fish. Cutlets are usually minced meat with additions of vegetables, spices and other ingredients, shaped into flat cakes and cooked by frying in a pan. Sometimes cutlets after frying can be stewed, but they can also be cooked without stewing. Meatballs are most often made from the same ingredients as cutlets, in addition to which rice or other cereals may be included in the meatball recipe. Meatballs are usually cooked by stewing, but they can be pre-fried to improve their palatability.

Cutlets and Meatballs Recipes

Recipes for cutlets and meatballs are very diverse and may include, in addition to meat, various ingredients - various types of vegetables, many spices, bread crumbs, rice and other cereals. Recipes for cutlets and meatballs can include various types of meat, in addition, several types of minced meat can be used at once in one recipe for cutlets or meatballs. Fish cakes are also varied and cooked according to different recipes from different types of fish. But cutlets are cooked not only from meat, poultry or fish - the recipes of many cutlets are based on beef or pork liver and other offal. An example of this is a recipe for liver cutlets, which are made from beef liver with the addition of cabbage and other ingredients. Separately, it is worth mentioning vegetarian recipes for cutlets and meatballs - in this case, meat is not included in their recipes and is replaced by various types of vegetables, very tasty vegetarian cutlets are cooked from zucchini, eggplant, potatoes and many other types of vegetables.