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Japanese Food

Tuna, egg and cucumber rolls recipe

Tuna, egg and cucumber rolls are a traditional recipe in Japanese cuisine; these rolls are cooked quickly from simple ingredients, and are distinguished by their good taste and beautiful appearance.

Tempura shrimp rolls recipe

Rolls with tempura shrimp and red caviar - a traditional Japanese recipe, these rolls are cooked with shrimp in batter, deep fried.

Rolls with Mackerel, Eggs and Cucumber Recipe

The mackerel, eggs and cucumber roll recipe is one of the types of rolls that are so rich in Japanese cuisine.

Culinary Traditions of Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine stands out from the background of many other national cuisines of the countries of the world, first of all, by specific products used in Japanese cooking and original methods of cooking recipes. Due to the isolated location of Japan, its national cuisine has developed apart from many other cuisines of the world. A certain influence on Japanese cuisine was exerted by the cuisines of countries located next to Japan - Chinese cuisine and Korean cuisine, and even the cuisines of European countries brought certain recipes to Japanese cuisine, but at the same time it remained original and unique, unlike other cuisines of the countries of the world. The limited base of foods that were available in Japan also had a significant impact on the culinary traditions of Japanese cuisine - seafood plays a very large role in it, from various types of ocean fish to various varieties of seaweed used in Japanese recipes.

Recipes and Dishes of Japanese Cuisine

The recipes of Japanese cuisine are original and very different from the cooking of other countries of the world in literally everything - from the ingredients used to cook recipes, to the technique of their cooking, as well as the way they are eaten. For the cooking of various Japanese dishes, fish and seafood are widely used - this is due to the fact that Japan is a country located on the islands, and only a small part of the products used in cooking was obtained through agriculture and animal husbandry, and a large part was obtained by fishermen. For this reason, Japanese cuisine is dominated by various fish, seafood, seaweed and other seafood dishes. Rice plays a significant role in Japanese cuisine and is one of the few crops traditionally grown in Japan. Rice is used in recipes for Japanese cuisine, for example, it is difficult to imagine a variety of sushi and rolls that would be cooked without the use of rice. In Japanese cuisine, rice also serves as a raw material for the cooking of the traditional alcoholic drink - sake, which is made by fermenting rice. The variety and uniqueness of Japanese food recipes amazes everyone who has tried Japanese cuisine at least once, and all its recipes and culinary traditions are hard to cover.