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Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and chips is a traditional recipe for English cuisine; in addition, this dish is an excellent snack for beer, which, by the way, is also included in the fish and chips recipe.

Baked chicken wings recipe

Baked chicken wings are one of the best snacks to go with beer; the recipe for chicken wings is very simple, it contains a minimum of spices, and the finished wings are very tasty.

Baked pork ribs in lavash recipe

Baked pork ribs in lavash is a rather interesting recipe for cooking pork ribs, the result is a very tasty snack for beer.

Tuna, egg and cucumber rolls recipe

Tuna, egg and cucumber rolls are a traditional recipe in Japanese cuisine; these rolls are cooked quickly from simple ingredients, and are distinguished by their good taste and beautiful appearance.

Tempura shrimp rolls recipe

Rolls with tempura shrimp and red caviar - a traditional Japanese recipe, these rolls are cooked with shrimp in batter, deep fried.

Rolls with Mackerel, Eggs and Cucumber Recipe

The mackerel, eggs and cucumber roll recipe is one of the types of rolls that are so rich in Japanese cuisine.

Snack Recipes

Snacks are usually small-sized dishes intended for snacking or drinking alcoholic beverages; snack recipes come in a variety of varieties. The snack is not intended for a full meal; its main task is to quench your appetite or complement beer or other alcoholic drink with its taste. For this reason, appetizer portions are usually significantly smaller than main course portions. There is no clear division of recipes into dishes and snacks; for example, a recipe for baked pork knuckle or fried sausages with sauerkraut can be both a complete dish and a good snack for beer, vodka and schnapps. Therefore, the division into appetizers, main and other dishes is very arbitrary.

What Snacks Can You Cook?

Sandwiches and Canapés

Sandwiches and canapés are the most common types of snacks. The base for such snacks is bread or other baked goods, cut into slices, on which or between which a variety of fillings are placed. No cutlery is required to eat sandwiches and canapes; the same sandwiches, among other things, are convenient to cook in order to take with you on a trip or on a picnic.

Sushi and Rolls

Sushi and rolls are traditional dishes of Japanese cuisine, where they are considered one of the main dishes. But the small portion sizes of sushi and rolls make it possible to classify them as snack recipes. To eat sushi and rolls, you need cutlery - special chopsticks, with which most dishes and snacks are eaten in Japan, China, Korea and some other countries. Traditionally, these snacks are served with pickled ginger and wasabi sauce.

Snacks for Beer and other Drinks

Separately, you need to highlight snacks for beer and other alcoholic drinks. Unlike the bulk of snacks, beer snacks are not intended to satisfy hunger, but to complement the taste of a particular type of beer. Snacks for vodka, schnapps, aquavit and other strong alcoholic drinks are also intended to complement their taste, but in this case the snack should be sufficiently satisfying to help the body cope with the alcohol consumed. For this reason, vodka and schnapps snacks are usually higher in fat and have larger portions compared to other types of snacks.

Snack Recipes Variety

There are a huge number of snack recipes; they are cooked from meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and many other ingredients. Some appetizer recipes may well be recipes for main and other dishes, simply cooked in small portions, and some appetizers are cooked specifically for consumption in certain conditions, for example, sandwiches, or with certain drinks, for example, baked chicken wings with beer or baked pork knuckle with schnapps. Some appetizer recipes go well with cocktails at a party, while others are great for outdoor trips. All national cuisines of the world have their own varied recipes for snacks, determined by the availability of available products, as well as the national and religious traditions of different peoples.