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Sushi and Rolls

Tuna, egg and cucumber rolls recipe

Tuna, egg and cucumber rolls are a traditional recipe in Japanese cuisine; these rolls are cooked quickly from simple ingredients, and are distinguished by their good taste and beautiful appearance.

Tempura shrimp rolls recipe

Rolls with tempura shrimp and red caviar - a traditional Japanese recipe, these rolls are cooked with shrimp in batter, deep fried.

Rolls with Mackerel, Eggs and Cucumber Recipe

The mackerel, eggs and cucumber roll recipe is one of the types of rolls that are so rich in Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Sushi and Rolls

Sushi and rolls are a traditional Japanese cuisine recipe, which is a variety of fish and seafood cooked with rice in a special way. In addition to rice, fish and seafood, sushi and rolls can include various ingredients - vegetables, cheeses and much more. Sushi is a dish made from rice, fish, seafood using nori - seaweed sheets. Sushi can take a wide variety of forms - from small sandwiches made from layers of rice, fish and other ingredients, to various nori envelopes and bags in which sushi ingredients are placed. Rolls are a widespread variety of sushi and get their name from their appearance. The basis of the rolls is rice with certain additives, raw or salted fish with various additives is used as a filling, but all this is wrapped in a nori sheet and cut into small pieces that are convenient to eat. Sushi and rolls are traditionally eaten using chopsticks, which are the main cutlery in Japan and many other countries of the Far East. Outside of Japan, sushi and rolls have become widely known since the 80s of the twentieth century and are now a very popular Japanese dish, which is also enjoyed outside of his homeland.

Sushi and Rolls Recipes

Recipes for sushi and rolls are very diverse - they use different types of fish, types of seafood, rice vinegar, seaweed and many other ingredients. Dozens of recipes for sushi and rolls are known, differing both in ingredients, in the method of cooking, and in appearance. Separate from other sushi recipes is one of its types - narezushi, which is a traditional Japanese dish and has been cooked for a long time. Narezushi sushi recipe use fermented fish and the entire process of cooking such sushi takes at least six months. Currently, sushi recipes use fresh or salted fish, and rice vinegar and other ingredients are added to rice, which makes it possible to exclude the fermentation process of rice and fish from the sushi recipe, making them faster and more comfortable.

There are various recipes for making sushi and rolls - nigirizushi - hand-made sushi and their varieties - gunkan-maki or warship roll, temakizushi - nori cones with rice and stuffing; inarizushi - sushi stuffed with a thin omelet or tofu bag filled with rice and other ingredients; makizushi - cured sushi, also known as rolls and uramaki - rolls in which norri is inside the roll, and rice is outside; tirasizushi or scattered sushi - rice sprinkled with stuffing, or edomae tirasizushi, in which raw sushi ingredients are laid out on top of rice, as well as homokuzushi, which are a mixture of stuffing and rice; oshizushi - pressed sushi in the form of sticks; futomaki - large rolls or hosomaki - thin rolls, as well as many other recipes for sushi and rolls. When using sushi and rolls, various products are served with them - soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi and some seasonings.