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Caesar salmon pizza recipe

Caesar salmon pizza is a very tasty pizza based on a recipe from Italian cuisine; the cheese sauce that is included in the recipe for Caesar pizza with salmon gives this dish a special taste.

Salmon pizza recipe

Salmon pizza is one of the many pizza recipes, cooked according to the recipe of Italian cuisine, such pizza will be a great way to satisfy your hunger.

Pizza carbonara recipe

Pizza carbonara is a traditional recipe of Italian cuisine, the recipe for this pizza includes bacon, mozzarella, Parmesan, champignons and eggs, this pizza is easy to cook at home.

Sausage, Prosciutto, Salami and Chicken Pizza Recipe

The recipe for pizza with dry-cured sausages, prosciutto, salami and smoked chicken according to the recipe of Italian cuisine is very easy to cook.

Italian Pizza

Pizza is a traditional dish of Italian cuisine and is a dough base on which a variety of products are spread with cheese and baked in the oven. Like most similar recipes, Italian pizza began as a dish that can be cooked from almost any product that is available, and even leftovers from previous meals can be used as pizza toppings so as not to throw anything away. And although pizza is a traditional Italian dish, it has now conquered the whole world, and now pizza is cooked according to various recipes in almost all countries of the world. Italian pizza has become especially widespread in the United States of America, becoming one of the dishes of American cuisine, in the USA they cook pizza both according to Italian recipes and according to their own - such an example is Californian pizza, the recipe of which differs significantly from its Italian ancestors.

Pizza Recipes

Italian pizza recipes are as diverse as the ingredients used to make it. But there are basic products without which Italian pizza is not pizza at all, such products are pizza dough, cheeses and tomatoes. An example of one of the most traditional pizza recipes is Margherita pizza, which includes only dough, cheese, tomatoes and basil leaves. The main secret of a delicious pizza is the recipe for its dough, if the pizza dough fails, no other ingredients will save it, so the preparation of the dough, or rather, its recipe, should be given special attention. The rest of the pizza ingredients are selected either according to a classic Italian recipe, or simply depending on culinary preferences or from currently available products. Pizza is cooked with anchovies, shrimp and other seafood, prosciutto, salami, tomatoes and other vegetables. The cheeses used to make pizza are also varied, it can be mozzarella, gouda, parmesan and many other types of cheese, often several types of cheese are included in the pizza recipe. The variety of pizza recipes is so wide that it is limited only by the imagination of the culinary specialist who prepares Italian pizza.