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Sesame grissini recipe

The recipe for grissini with sesame breadsticks is very simple, like other grissini recipes, but, like all recipes of Italian cuisine, that does not prevent them from being very tasty.

Bread Baking Traditions

Bread is one of the most common types of pastries and is present in the national cuisines of all countries of the world. The bread recipe usually includes various types of flour, water and other ingredients - yeast, salt, spices and other additives. Depending on the countries and regions in which bread is baked, it can have completely different recipes, ways of cooking and baking, and look completely different. In the old days, the first types of bread were prepared using coarsely ground grains of various cereal crops and water - thin cakes with a rough structure were obtained, which were baked in ovens of various designs. Over time, people learned to make better flour, and with the advent of yeast, there was a revolution in the recipes for making bread - over time, bread became more and more similar to the food we use today.

Bread Recipes

Because bread is probably the most common food in the world, bread recipes vary widely, both in the types of flour used to make the bread and in the way it is made. If earlier in bread recipes only water and flour were used, to which yeast was then added, then over time, bread recipes have become more and more diverse. Currently, the most widespread is white bread, the recipe of which includes wheat flour. No less popular is black bread made from rye flour, in addition, bread can be made from other types of flour, as well as from a mixture of different types of flour. For the cooking of bread, fine and coarse flour, from refined grains or whole grain flour are used. In some regions, bread is prepared with the addition of various ingredients, for example, ciabatta is popular in Italian cuisine - bread made from wheat flour with the addition of olive oil and various ingredients - olives, spices, meat products and much more. Depending on the region in which the bread is baked and the recipe for its cooking, it can have a completely different shape - from round or oblong cakes, to round and rectangular loaves or oblong loaves and baguettes.