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Sesame, parsley and sun-dried tomatoes grissini recipe

Grissini can be cooked not just in the form of breadsticks, but also by adding a filling of sesame seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and other herbs to the grissini recipe.

Grissini with basil and vanilla sauce recipe

Grissini with basil and vanilla sauce is a traditional Italian dish; these breadsticks are very tasty when dipped in freshly cooked vanilla sauce.

Sesame grissini recipe

The recipe for grissini with sesame breadsticks is very simple, like other grissini recipes, but, like all recipes of Italian cuisine, that does not prevent them from being very tasty.

Italian Grissini

Grissini is one of the varieties of Italian pastries, grissini are shaped like sticks and are cooked both from pure dough and with basil, salt, onion, sesame and many other additives. Grissini is one of the simple and delicious recipes that Italian cuisine is so famous for. Grissini is cooked from the same dough, from which another culinary masterpiece of Italian cuisine is baked - pizza. Cooking grissini is one way to use the dough left over from making pizza if there is too little pizza dough or if the pizza topping has already run out and there is still dough left. Grissini is eaten simply as a food or served with some kind of sauce, for example, with sweet vanilla sauce.

Grissini Recipes

The recipes for grissini are very varied, but the basic recipe for grissini is very simple - they are made from the usual yeast dough that is used to make pizza and baked at the same temperature as pizza, only a little faster, since grissini is much thinner than pizza and will be ready much earlier than baking pizza requires. The result is crispy breadsticks that can be eaten on their own, or served with sweet dishes, soups and more, because in essence grissini remains bread, although not like its other types. Grissini can be served with prosciutto or topped with a sweet glaze.

Before baking, grissini dough is shaped into long sticks, or strips, which can then be twisted to give a more interesting appearance. A variety of additives allow you to get a huge number of grissini recipes - these breadsticks are cooked with the addition of chopped dried basil and other Italian herbs, coarse salt, onion, garlic and other additives are added to the dough for grissini, the surface of grissini can be covered with poppy seeds, sesame or other powders. With a minimum of ingredients and a little imagination, you can make many grissini recipes without spending a lot of time and effort.