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Main Courses

Potato cutlet recipe

Potato cutlets - a recipe for a vegetarian dish; the recipe for potato cutlets includes a minimum of ingredients, and the cutlets themselves turn out very tasty.

Zucchini mushroom cutlets recipe

Zucchini mushroom cutlets with are easy and simple to cook; the recipe for zucchini cutlets does not include meat, but it does include eggs, mushrooms, onions and, of course, zucchini.

Egg cutlets recipe

Egg cutlets are a great cutlet recipe that can be cook quickly and easily, and the egg cutlet recipe does not include meat.

Meatballs in an omelet recipe

According to this recipe, meatballs are very tasty, and their serving - wrapped in an omelet and sprinkled with chopped herbs, gives this dish a very attractive look.

Main Course Recipes

Main courses are dishes that form the basis of any meal, the main course is usually served with a side dish of salad, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta and much more. Examples of main dishes include baked chicken or turkey, cutlets or meatballs, steak and schnitzel, sausages and many other dishes. Recipes for main courses are usually not simple, since we are really talking about the main dish of lunch or dinner, but nevertheless, most recipes for main courses can be cooked at home without the skills of a professional chef. All you need is recipes from a cookbook or website, as well as quality products and a little inspiration. And then not only the holiday, but any lunch and dinner will be decorated in the form of the main dish, cooked with care for your loved ones.

What Main Course Dishes Can You Cook?

Meat Main Courses

Main meat dishes have always been extremely popular - with the exception of vegetarians, meat main dishes are enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender, age, national and religious characteristics. The types of meat used in recipes for main dishes may be subject to certain restrictions by kashrut for Jews and halal for Muslims, but among the types of meat allowed, Jewish cuisine and the cuisines of Muslim countries offer amazing main courses.

Poultry Main Courses

No less popular in the world are recipes for main dishes made from poultry, less often from game, and mainly from poultry. Recipes for main poultry dishes are usually based on turkey, goose, duck, broiler or regular chicken, rooster, partridge and other types of poultry. Almost all national cuisines contain recipes for poultry dishes, this is due to the fact that, unlike usually meat, almost all types of poultry can be consumed by both Jews and Muslims. For this reason, poultry staples have gained immense popularity throughout the world.

Fish Main Courses

Fish main dishes are also popular all over the world, especially in countries located on the coasts of the seas and oceans - where a wide range of fish suitable for preparing main dishes has always been available. Mediterranean and Scandinavian cuisines are especially famous for their basic fish dishes, in particular Italian, Greek and Swedish cuisines. From the point of view of kashrut and halal, the situation with fish is better than with meat, but, for example, not all types of fish can be eaten by Jews. But in any case, fish main dishes are very popular in different countries of the world.

Vegetarian Main Courses

The main course may well be vegetarian, and it can be not only pronounced vegetarian dishes, but also recipes such as vegetable cutlets of various types - egg, potato carrot and other vegetarian cutlet recipes. With a wide range of vegetarian main course recipes available on cooking sites, and a variety of readily available vegetables, fruits, cheeses and other dairy products, chicken eggs and many other vegetarian products, you can cook a wide variety of main dishes for vegetarians.

Side Dishes for Main Courses

Main courses are usually accompanied by another dish that acts as a side dish, or, in extreme cases, with sauce. As a side dish for the main dish, you can cook a side dish according to a wide variety of recipes available on culinary sites. Various pastas, mashed potatoes, boiled or fried potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, stewed vegetables and much more are good as a side dish for the main dish. Typically, a recipe for a side dish for a main dish suggests that the side dish should complement the taste of the main dish, for example, mashed potatoes complement cutlets or fried fish, sauerkraut salad complements baked pork knuckle, and fresh vegetable salad complements many meat dishes.